Posted on: March 7, 2008 12:22 am

Brett Favre got me thinking

When a sports great retires it is a very sad thing. For me (I am a sports nerd, obviously) it is somewhat like losing a friend.  Almost my entire life Brett Favre has been synonomous with Green bay Packers.  I know millions (or more) of people are sad about seeing this great player (great man) leave the spotlight of professional football.  I will miss hearing Brett talk, I will miss his stupid wrangler jeans and "other" commercials.  I will miss all of the touchdown celebrations (his have always been the best). 

Anyways, it really got me thinking.. How will I feel when my beloved QB Peyton Manning retires.  Will he cry?  Will people say he left the game too soon? Will people say he stayed too long? (I dont believe this man can ever outstay his welcome)  Or will others continue to compare him to Tom Brady?  I remember when Reggie Miller retired a few years ago.  I was about 14-16 (im too lazy to search the date) and I remember watching the detroit pistons take  a time out so reggie could get a standing ovation. It made me bawl like a baby.  Will peyton's retirement be as perfect/beautiful?  Reggies was about the best you could expect in a playoff loss.   I not only like seeing these professional athletes on the field, but i love their press conferences.  The pain was eased when reggie miller took the spot on TNT.  What will favre and manning do? Who knows.

All this thinking has me a bit depressed. Anyone wanna try and cheer me up? :)

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